Quality management system


Nothing new under the Sun…


Every organization pursue and aim itself to constrict there activity in between some kind of norms, and do not let the operation outside these regulation – whether you are in the public, or private sector. The most organisations introduced a quality management system in favour of the achievement of the previous aim, with the most widespread ISO 9001:2008 standards.

On the other hand, the introduced quality management systems would be the largest trouble of all that every employees lives through as an annoyance.


This is because of:

  • The colleagues – and unfortunately the leaders' majority – are not aware of the it, and they don’t know exactly what the miracle is ISO.
  • The treatment of generated big amount of paper is more than intricate.
  • Annually once it is necessary to prove with big hot haste that: “there are everything under control inside our company”
  • We have only one or two queer fish at our firm, who are struggling to envoy and keep quality management processes in good condition.”


But, … if we reflect on it with a small sincerity ,

We talk about nothing else then, the companies requirement to collect all organisation's activity of every steps and fix them into one system of rules. They want to make sure, if they do something well, bad but measurable. They want to know the result of their activity, which they are achieved, are improvable at all or that is the best result they able to reach. They also want to know, if it is necessary to intervene their processes, and it is necessary to be active according to the improvement. We realise that ISO is not a magical thing, like we sometime imagine it.

Our idea, If we would support to build up a system, like this, companies would be much easier to deal with the operation of the system:

  • Much less or no waste of paper and paper work

  • Everybody may access it easily

  • Easy search among the rules and documents

  • Simple and always unified activity documents, forms, control tables

  • Everybody would prefer to use quality management system rather than paper base one or nothing

The above mentioned aims are available easily, if we can serve all the parameters, and we can define that model in which companies can find these expectations.

If we take the processes as a starting point to build a model, this is a series of steps, furthermore the element step of creating the model. We know that, every single steps need to describe only one time, but then we need to inspect continuously it is suitable at every moment of the operation.


We also recognise that with this elemental step we need:

  • Human resource inside the company

  • Devices

  • Relatively modern infrastructure

  • Basic regulatory documents or memoranda how people do activities within the company


If we build up elemental steps of activities naturally with other text data, we need grouping the elements optionally as managers desired. After this managers will be capable to clearly see through the organisation's life. Last but not least the company will be transparent to their partners and customers.


So, forming a computerised model's is a heavy base, with numerous advantage of a company, which supports the organisations and operation quality, judgement of the market and serving the effectiveness of operation.


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