The QC-Service quality management software capable to work:

  • Sector and environment neutral

  • Use optional operating system

  • Supported by optional web browser

  • Operates with optional quality management standard


The system stores all data from the basic parameters to any level of the procedure manual.



quality management


We can use the data as the basis parameter across creating new procedure instructions for new activity descriptions.

quality management



The users of quality management software may reach the system through an adequately entitlement portrayed. All of the steps of the function kept in diary and retrievable.


quality management



quality controll


The system can manage the status of procedures and actions.


quality controll


The relevant users get e-mail message about the change of system items (procedure, action, ...)


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Quality management system for little, middle and even for big enterprises, with over 10 years experience.

Introduction, setup, configuration, operation.