Quality management - - the qualitative supporter

Our company's founders decided in 2004 support the quality management systems of organisations with the use of informatics devices, in order to make the operation easier.


This aim was formulated because there were no system to serve the little and medium companies which were capable to handle or create several internal or external rules and regulation with a general solution. All the small, medium and even big companies need to handle lots of e.g. budgetary instructions independently, and many ordinances with respect to its function in the interest of successful operation for long term in every sector.


After a quick survey it revealed, one of the main expectation was also, beside the simple IT solution, but how to support the different quality management standards easily and cost effectively with comprehensive QM software.


It was known, that the majority's of the undertakings working on Hungary are scant of sources, so we needed to offer a solution on a free information technology platform, to reduce the expenses of implementation.


We realise the pace, and the spread of the web based technology. We developed a software with continuous help of a browser operation, insuring the potential partners about availability and flexibility so.


Our product was ready for introduction in 2005, and the application contentedly serves our partners with all their new claims too since then.


Quality management - - the qualitative supporter

Quality management system for little, middle and even for big enterprises, with over 10 years experience.

Introduction, setup, configuration, operation.